All Pro Workout 3-24-12

Rob Gronkowski Workout Routine

Warmup on track with high knee walk, lateral shuffle, karaoke, grapevine shuffle, skipping, backwards jog, walking lunges, frog leaps.

Agility drills with cones
5 sprint down and out post pattern.
5 sprint left turns
5 sprints right turns

Video – Rob Gronkowski Workout

Rogue Post Landmines for Bent Over Rows

More Rob Gronkowski workout with weights
Bench Press 5 sets
Bench Press and hold at 90% max
Shoulder Press 5 sets
Bent over Rows 5 sets

Rogue Fitness Bench
Rogue Bench

Rob Gronkowski Ab and core workout
50 situps with 25 lb weight
50 leg lifts
25 V-ups

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Rob Gronkowski Cool down workout
Jog 400 meter on track
Row 1000 meters

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Rob Gronkowski Workout Routine

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