All Pro Workout 7-7-12

Nikki Cantell Lingerie Football Workout

warmup: run 200 meters. 250 single jump ropes or 50 double unders.
walk with high kick, jog lateral shuffle, grapevine, karaoke

Ab workout
25 situps, 20 V-ups, sitting on bosun ball 25 situps with weighted ball.
Diamond pushups
Tricep Press with dumbell
1 minute forward and Side Plank x 3
Agility ladder in and outs. forward straddle hop.
burpee frog hops x 30
30 pull ups

cool down with 600 meter jog

The RNC M.M.A. Show w/ Nikki’s Lingerie Football Gym Workout
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Nikki Cantell Lingerie Football Workout

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