Basic Equipment Needed for a CrossFit Garage Gym

Basic Equipment Needed for a CrossFit Garage Gym

Basic Equipment Needed for a CrossFit Garage GymStarting out with CrossFit at your home garage gym can be an easy process. You can start out with bodyweight workouts and slowly begin to add workouts that may need equipment. For bodyweight workouts you may want to add a yoga mat.

For a great bodyweight workout check out this one.

CrossFit Workout “Cindy”

20 minutes as many rounds as possible (AMRAP)

5 pull ups

10 pushups

15 airsquats

post rounds completed in comments below.


A good jump rope would be your first piece of equipment to add to your garage gym. If your on a budget you can make a jump rope with rope and pvc. But since it is so cheap – many athletes go for it and snag a $20 rope. A good rope is the Rogue speed rope. A little more expensive but many athletes like is the RX jump rope.

A good jump rope workout is this one.

Annie workout


double unders


post your time in comments below


A pull up bar is a must have. Not only can you do pull ups and muscle ups but also hang your gym rings for more exercises. You can attach a pull up bar to the beams in the ceiling of your garage. Stud bar makes a great bar to attach above. Some athletes like stand up pull up rigs like the ones from Rogue Fitness or MuscleDriverUSA.

Try this workout – 50 pull ups for time.

If you can’t do a pull up then do 50 ring rows for time.


So now you can add your new rings to the pull up bar and get ready to rock out sets of dips and ring rows. Some athletes really like wood gym rings and others like the plastic ones. Your preference.

Here are a few gym rings we like:

MuscledriverUSA wood gym rings

Rogue Fitness steel gym rings


A medicine ball would be next on the list as you can use them for warmups just tossing around. Dynamax makes the best medicine ball. Rage Fitness is another option that is slightly cheaper and sometimes you can get free shipping.

Recommended Med Balls:

Rage Fitness Med Balls at MuscledriverUSA

Dynamax Medicine Balls


No garage gym is complete without a kettle bell. The kettle bell is great for building core strength and overall endurance. Occasionally you can get deals on free shipping from Rogue Fitness also makes an American made kettle bell. MuscleDriver may have the best value with their kettle bells.

Recommended: Dragon Door kettle bells


Once you have picked up the basic equipment for your garage gym you will definitely want to get a good olympic barbell and bumper plates.

Here is a list of good barbells.

Pendlay barbells

A list of good bumper plates.

Pendlay Econ bumpers

Rage Fitness bumpers

Once you have that you will want to add some spring collars or clamps to keep the weights from falling off during high speed workouts.

Other equipment you may want to get later on.

If you want to skip adding equipment one piece at at time you may want to just break down and get a CrossFit equipment gym package.

Here is a good list of CrossFit equipment gym packages:
Pendlay barbell and Troy econ barbells
Lynx barbell and bumpers

Click here to visit MuscleDriver USA, LLC

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Basic Equipment Needed for a CrossFit Garage Gym

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