Foundation Series Green Tea Extract Review Foundation Series Green Tea Extract Review Foundation Series Green Tea Extract – Get Results
500mg – Maximum Potency!
Promotes Fat Loss & Provides Antioxidant Support!*
9.5 out of 10 Excellent Rated Product
Supported Goal: Lose Fat
Main Ingredient: Green Tea

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I take this along with CLA and L-Carnitine for fat loss. I don’t like all of the caffeine that is usually in fat burners and I have been told that this combination is the best for low caffeine fat loss. I am on week 3 and so far the results are great. Foundation Series Green Tea Extract Review by Max
I tried this Green Tea Extract when i first started working out because i was a bit chubby and this stuff helped me lose weight. You still have to eat good and exercise to lose the weight, but i truly feel like this stuff contributed to my weight loss. I give it a 10.

Video – Foundation Series Green Tea Extract Review

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Green Tea is widely considered an A+ antioxidant due to its high concentration of polyphenols, which are compounds that help destroy potentially harmful free radicals.* Green Tea Extract is incredibly pure and powerful, providing 98% polyphenols for maximum antioxidant support.* Green tea extract may also help support normal, healthy immune function.* Green Tea Extract contains 45% EGCG, a particular polyphenol that may promote fat loss and support weight management by increasing energy expenditure!* By increasing your overall metabolic rate, green tea can be used in combination with exercise to assist your fat-loss physique goals.* Green tea extracts also contain a small amount of natural caffeine, which can help increase energy.*

If you haven’t already, it’s time to go green. Burn fat and boost overall health with Green Tea Extract.*

Take one capsule, 1 to 2 times daily.

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