Creatine Use In CrossFit

Creatine Use In Crossfit
The sport of fitness is filled with highly complex multi component movements in Olympic, powerlifting and gymnastic based exercises. All of these movements are based upon your individual capacity for exert the high amounts of power at any given moment.

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Creatine is the number one sports performance agent for simultaneously increasing lean muscle growth, energy and power output. If used correctly it can increase your ability to successfully perform the multi component movements associated with the sport of fitness.

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Here’s how it works. Creatine increases production of ATP (the bodies energy source at the molecular level). ATP is what muscles use to perform high intensity exercises. So higher ATP means more intensity in your exercises. Here is where CrossFit and creatine meet.

CrossFit elite athletes use BG Labs Centurion Creatine

A simple strength workout that includes a power clean, dead lift and or snatch requires an incredibly high amount of intensity and power to 1) complete and 2) perform at a high level. Creatine provides the ability to do just that. Continued use of creatine in your workouts will steadily and quickly increase your power output making you stronger and particularly awesome at these lifts.

CrossFit elite athletes use BG Labs Centurion Creatine

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Creatine use in CrossFit

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