Emily Friedman CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Emily Friedman

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Name: Emiky Friedman
Region: North East
Team: Team Dynamix
Affiliate: CrossFit Dynamix
Age: 27
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 130 lb

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CrossFit Benchmark workout stats
Fran 0:00
Helen 0:00
Grace 0:00
Filthy 50 0:00
Fight Gone Bad 0
Sprint 400m 0:00
Run 5k 0:00

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Weightlifting stats
Clean & Jerk 0 lb
Snatch 0 lb
Deadlift 0 lb
Back Squat 0 lb
Max Pull-ups 0

6 months ago i met this guy name Justin … he taught me how to do a ‘kipping pull-up??”. Since then, I’ve been training with the most amazing bunch of trainers/teammates I’ve ever met and I have fallen in love with CF. I love the balance of competition and community that CF fosters. Justin and the crew just opened a new box in Astoria, NY called Crossfit Dynamix. http://www.facebook.com/crossfitdynamix?ref=ts . Come check us out at 36-05 20th ave, Astoria NY 11105 . Doors are always open and we are offering freeeeee foundations classes :):)

Emily Friedman CrossFit Open 2012 results
2 (34) Emily Friedman 2 (127) 15 (90) 4 (438) 2 (259) 11 (120)

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Emily Friedman

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

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