Forrest Griffin Supplements

Forrest Griffin Supplements

Birth: July 1, 1979
Place: Columbus, OH
HEIGHT: 6′ 3″
WEIGHT: 203 lbs.

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Forrest Griffin Bio
Born in Columbus, Ohio, Forrest is known to the mixed martial arts world as one of the most exciting fighters to watch. Much like BSN®, Forrest Griffin’s success is the product of an undying desire to succeed, and a never say die attitude.

BSN’s MMA 101 with Forrest Griffin – Episode 1 –

Since his debut on The Ultimate Fighter™: Season 1, Forrest has set a new standard for passion and heart needed to be a UFC® champion. After his world renowned victory over Stephan Bonnar in the Ultimate Fighter™: Season 1 finale, Forrest continued to harness his striking skills and quickly moved up the ranks as a top-tier light heavyweight fighter, which many believe is the most difficult and talent-heavy weight class in the UFC® today.

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Since Forrest success on The Ultimate Fighter™ , Griffin has been on a rocket ship to stardom as the face of the UFC®. Make sure to keep an eye out for this former UFC® Champion as he demolishes any opponent that stands in the way of the belt.

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Forrest Griffin Supplements

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