Insanity Workout

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INSANITY® SAN Transform your body in 60 days with the most intense workout program ever put on DVD. Shaun T will push you past your limits to get the hardest body you've ever had. Plus 4 FREE gifts! /product/fitness_programs/extreme/ beachbody/en_us/products/programs/insanity/INS_210x100.jpg 39.95 insanity-60day-total-body-conditioning-program 4.8 BVstar-5-0 2888



I'll Get You a Year's Worth of Results
In Just 60 Days!

“The Hardest Workout Ever Put on DVD,
Is Now the #1 Workout in America”


By Shaun T, Creator of INSANITY®

When I created INSANITY, I knew it would produce insane results in 60 days, but I wasn't sure if anyone was brave
enough to try it. Turns out...there are a lot of crazy people out there. Crazy enough to actually enjoy doing the world's
most insanely tough workout. To like the feeling of being drenched in sweat...of going balls-to-the-wall for a full 45
minutes of muscle-searing exercise. is INSANITY hard? Oh, yeah. It really IS the hardest workout ever put on DVD. It's
totally crazy...but it's going to get you crazy-good results.

What Do Insane Results Look Like?

Check it out. All these rippling shoulders and shredded abs speak for themselves. Already, over a million men and
women have taken the INSANITY challenge, and they have the bodies to prove it.

“INSANITY builds muscle
while stripping away fat.
These results... this is what
comes from the
INSANITY program..”

“I can't believe this is what I
look like now...and I earned it.”

“I have abs. I have arms.
I have definition all over my
body. And I did this in 60 days
with INSANITY. That's it.”

How I Rammed A Year's Worth Of Results

Into 60 Days...”

Forget everything you think you know about high-intensity
workouts. Because INSANITY turns old-school interval
training on its head.

If you've ever been to a Spin class, you know how that works.
You motor along at a moderate pace for awhile - then all at
once, you kick up your speed and heart rate - just for a
minute or so. After that, it's back to a lower gear, giving you
plenty of time to catch your breath.

But with INSANITY, you do exacly the opposite. You work
flat out in 3 to 5-minute blocks, and take breaks only long
enough to gulp some air and get right back to work. It's
called Max Interval Training, because it keeps your body
working at maximum capacity through your entire workout.
You keep pushing your limits - so your body has to adapt.
That's how you get in such insane shape in just 60 days.

MAX INTERVAL TRAINING is proven to burn over 1,000 calories an
hour. You can blowtorch intense amounts of fat and lose 15, 20, even
30 pounds in just 60 days. Now THAT'S insane.

“The results speak for
themselves. I've lost 33 pounds.
I'm down to 8% body fat. I've
ripped my core. I'm a 30 in the
waist now. And all that from
no weights, no gym. Just pop
the DVD in, get the results.”

Think You Need Weights To Get Ripped?


With INSANITY, you use your body to create the best body you can get.
Just check out the guys in this video. They're getting a total-body
workout, just by doing these insane moves.


Everything you need to get in the best shape of your life, including 5
Max Interval workouts for Month One:

  • PLYOMETRICS for insane legs and glutes
  • UPPER BODY RESISTANCE for sculpted arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
  • PURE CARDIO for crazy fat burn.
  • CARDIO ABS with intensive core work so you get awesome abs like Shaun T.
  • RECOVERY gives your body a break at the end of an insane week.

Then, with four new workouts in Month Two, the intervals get even
longer, the the rest periods don't:

  • MAX INTERVAL CIRCUIT for the toughest interval workout you've done so far.
  • MAX INTERVAL PLYO will push your legs until they cry for mercy.
  • MAX CARDIO CONDITIONING takes your body to the limit with an extreme cardio workout.
  • MAX RECOVERY lets you build strength for a whole new round.



The INSANITY 60-Day Wall Calendar shows you which workout to do each day. Cross 'em
off as you go, as you get another day closer to the most insane body you've ever had. Plus,
the Fit Test Tracker tracks your results as you watch your body transform before your


The Quick Start Guide is a ten-minute tour through your two-month transformation. It's
short and to the point. Hey, INSANITY'S not a book club. It's a sweat-fest. Shaun wants to
see you ripped, not reading.


The Elite Nutrition Plan has 60 days worth of menus and recipes to choose from. You're
about to turn your body into a calorie-burning furnace, so you've got to give it the fuel it
needs to strip away the fat.


FREE Online Support to keep you firm and focused on your goal. Have live chats with
Shaun T and meet thousands of men and women like you wha are starting the INSANITY
challenge every day.

for all these workouts and training.

BUT NOW you can get the entire INSANITY program

For only 3 payments of $39.95(+ s&h)!

INSANE results for just 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$24.95 s&h)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.

Plus – Order Now, And For A Limited Time,



Core Cardio & Balance is packed with insane sports drills to make you look and move like
an athlete. It's the perfect transition between weeks one and two.


Shaun T's Fit Test tells you exactly what you're made of as you track your transformation.
Take it on Day One, and you'll be humbled. But by Day 60, you'll be one of the fittest people
on the planet.

Earn An Insane Body. And Earn This


Here's how to earn yours: Just send us your before and after pictures. That's all it takes. It's your badge of honor. Anybody sees you in this shirt will know, you paid for it in sweat.

INSANE results for just 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$24.95 s&h)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.

If You're Still Sitting There, Wishing You Had An Insane Body Like
These Folks Do...Then Read This:

“Until you experience it for yourself, there's no way I can describe how it feels to watch your body transform over the
60 days of INSANITY. How it feels to start killing those workouts that had you gasping in week one. Hell, you won't
even need a mirror to know what's happening to your body. You'll feel it every time you get dressed, or stand up to
walk across a room.'ve got to do INSANITY to know exactly how it feels to be in the best shape of your life. Will you work harder
than you've ever worked before? I'll make sure of it. Will it hurt? Hell, yeah... at least in the beginning.

But I promise – no, I guarantee – that after 60 days of INSANITY, you will thank me for kicking your butt so hard. So let
me ask you one more time.

Are you willing to dig deep?

You will push yourself past your comfort zone. You will work harder than you've ever worked before. You will be sore.
But when you look at yourself in the mirror 60 days from now...I guarantee you're going to say, it was worth it.”

“I'm in the best shape of my life.
I'm so proud of myself for
getting the results I did in
60 days.”

Still Not Sure?

Don't Sweat It. INSANITY Comes With A

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Still on the fence? Let us make it easy for you. For the first
time, we're extending our standard, 30-day money-back
guarantee for a full 60 days. Think what that means. You
not only get to try INSANITY, you get to actually finish the
program. And if you're not insanely happy with the results,
you can send it back for a full refund of the purchase price,
less shipping and handling. You get all the reward, without
any of the risk. Sounds insane, right? Check it out, and you'll
see it makes perfect sense.

“It was hard, yes, but everything
I did to get where I am was
worth it. I love INSANITY.”

Yeah, Shaun. I'm ready for the
INSANITY Challenge!

Send me the complete INSANITY kit, including my 4 FREE gifts and 2
BONUS workouts, all for 3 easy payments of only $39.95 (plus s&amph).
I understand that INSANITY comes with a
60-day Money-Back Guarantee.

INSANE results for just 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$24.95 s&h)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.


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