Insanity Workout Q and A

Check out the questions from athletes in our gym about the Insanity workout program

Question: Where can I find the Insanity workout download? Check out the links click HERE.

Question: Where can I buy the Insanity workout? Click here.

Question: Can I get the Insanity workout free? Click here

Question: What is the insanity 60 day workout? The Insanity workout uses the same principles as a spin class – working out hard for high intensity for a brief period and then lowering the intensity. The result is mind blowing.

Question: Does the Insanity workout have a warm up or is it full go? Yes; it has a good slow warmup to get ready.

Question: Can I just buy the Insanity workout DVD? Yes; check it out the Insanity workout here:

Question: Is Insanity the same as T25? No; they are two different workouts.

Question: Is there a way I can just how to download insanity workout for free? Well, it is not free but you can download Insanity for a really good value price.

Question: Do you have an insanity workout download for Mac? Yes; the Insanity workout is compatible with Mac and PC.

Insanity workout day 1 fitness test

Get Started with the Insanity workout – HERE!

Question: Can I get the Insanity workout off Piratebay? You probably can but if you cheat to download the workout you will also cheat to do the workout so it will not help you.

Question: Can I get the Insanity workout video streaming?

Question:What is the evolution of Insanity workouts and how did it start in the USA?

Question: Will I see results with Insanity on day 4 or will I have to wait to day 10 or more? You will feel results right away as you will build up a sweat and kick in your metabolism. You should see results in 30 days at least.

Question: Is there a coupon code for Insanity or a discount deal? We don’t have any coupon codes or promo codes now but are on the lookout for more right now.

Question: How hard is the Insanity workout schedule week 1? The workouts slowly ramp up so you can get used to it.

Question: Is there a way I can get the Insanity workout free? Yes; send us a copy of your before and after photos and a testimonial as we send out 1 free workouts every month.

Question:Who is the hot chick Tanya in the Insanity workout videos?

Question: How does the Insanity workout come packaged – in DVDs? Yes; you can get the DVD version.

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