Jarett Perelmutter CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Jarett Perelmutter

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile
Region:Southern California
Team:Brick Nation
Affiliate:Brick CrossFit
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 147 lb

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CrossFit Benchmark Workout stats
Fran 2:24
Helen 7:00
Grace 1:30
Filthy 50 13:14
Fight Gone Bad 469
Sprint 400m 0:57
Run 5k 17:30

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Weightlifting Stats
Clean & Jerk 250 lb
Snatch 200 lb
Deadlift 415 lb
Back Squat 390 lb
Max Pull-ups 88

Video – Jarett Perelmutter

Dynamax Medicine Balls
Dynamax Medicine Balls
Jarett Perelmutter

CrossFit Open Scores
2 (49) Jarett Perelmutter 2 (147) 42 (80) 1 (509) 1 (297) 3 (157)

Sensei Jarett Perelmutter is a world-class athlete who has mastered the Martial Arts, Kickboxing and CrossFit. Jarett has been involved in martial arts for over 25 years and holds black belts in Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, and a 5th Degree Black Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu. He has also trained extensively in Krava Maga, Kenpo, Jiu Jitsu and Filipino Arts. Jarett is an elite level certified Krava Maga instructor. 

Jarett’s “in the ring” kickboxing experience includes over 140 undefeated fights, and a winning streak that spanned over 15 years. He was one of few in the world to hold the number one ranking in five different weight classes throughout his fighting career. He currently holds 6 U.S. and international titles and has become one of the top CrossFit competitors and instructors in the United States. In addition to working as a CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting trainer at BRICK, Jarett continues his own training and gives motivational seminars throughout the United States.

Jarett Perelmutter

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

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