Katie Chung Hua Supplements

Katie Chung Hua Supplements

Birth: May 30, 1986
Place: Idaho Falls, Idaho
HEIGHT: 5’1″
WEIGHT: 105 lbs.
OCCUPATION: IFBB Bikini Competitor / Fitness Model

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Katie Chung Hua Bio
Having grown up in a small town in Idaho, Katie has always been a tomboy (except for her love of shoes). She quickly found her passion for ice hockey, which she lived and breathed for years, playing on both boys’ and girls’ teams. She graduated from the National Sports Academy in Lake Placid, NY, where she was the hockey team’s starting goaltender.

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Katie always worked out to become a better athlete, but as she moved on from hockey she kept lifting weights to stay in shape. With her competitive nature, Katie was convinced by her dad to try bodybuilding. At 19 she competed in her first figure competition at a local show. A couple years later, Katie won the FLEX Online Bikini Contest. That victory opened some doors for her, and she fell in love with the health and fitness industry. In 2009 she placed 2nd in her first NPC Bikini contest, the Washington Iron Man. She continued competing and in 2010 Katie entered the USAs in Las Vegas and placed 5th. Then at the 2011 NPC Team Universe, Katie finished in 2nd place and achieved her goal of earning an IFBB pro card.

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Katie graduated from Boise State University with a Business Management degree and plans to own her own business someday soon. Katie is very passionate about what she does and hopes to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve their goals.

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Katie Chung Hua Supplements

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