Lindsey Valenzuela CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Lindsey Valenzuela

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Name: Lindsey Valenzuela
Lindsey Valenzuela crossfit statsNickname:
Region: Southern California
Team: Valley CrossFit
Affiliate:Valley CrossFit
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 150 lb

Lindsey has shown a strong surge during the 2013 CrossFit season and is primed for an attack on the crown in the CrossFit Games 2013.

Video – Lindsey Valenzuela CrossFit
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CrossFit Benchmark workouts

Fran 2:46

Helen 8:40

Grace 1:50

Filthy fifty 23:00

Video – Lindsey Valenzuela CrossFit

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More CrossFit benchmark workout stats

Fight Gone Bad 346

Sprint 400m 0:59

Run 5k 21:18

Video – Lindsey Valenzuela CrossFit

Weightlifting stats

Clean & Jerk 235 lb

Snatch 185 lb

Deadlift 365 lb

Back Squat 280 lb

Max Pull-ups 35

Video – Lindsey Valenzuela CrossFit

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Valley CrossFit


Love my husband,family,and friends. I live by the word “believe” because anything is possible as long as you believe you can and will accomplish your dreams!

from Lindsey Valenzuela blog: Hey Everyone! I finally decided to start a blog after many people suggesting I start one! My goal is to share with my freinds, family, fellow crossfitters, and oly-lifters what drives me as a person and as an athlete. As a individual and as an athlete I focus on the belief that as long as I work my hardest and believe in myself ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I often tell people to BELIEVE because an internal belief in one’s talents and one self is an unstoppable force when something seems impossible. I hope that with the information I put up on this blog people can learn new things and help to discover a belief in themselves as athletes and as a person.

Lindsey Valenzuela CrossFit Open 2012 results

5 (50) Lindsey Valenzuela 19 (120) 1 (108) 11 (403) 3 (258) 16 (121)

CrossFit Games 2013
5th place after the rowing event

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Lindsey Valenzuela


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