Maria Dalzot Cross Country Elite Runner Profile

Maria Dalzot

Cross Country Elite Runner Profile

Name: Maria Dalzot

Primary sport (s): Trail, Mountain Running and Cross Country

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3) City/state of residence: Morgantown, WV

Video – Maria Dalzot Big East Cross Country Championship

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Maria Dalzot

4) Occupation: Master’s Degree Student in Human Nutrition and Dietetic Intern at West Virginia University

Maria Dalzot Goals for 2012:
Defend my NACAC Title
Enjoy a jog up the Mountains of Temù and Ponte di Legno
Compete in the Mountain Cup Series

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6) Notable achievements/memories/PR’s in your sport:
2011 NACAC Mountain Running Champion
2011 USATF 10k Trail Championship runner-up
Team Member of the 2007 Big East Cross Country Champions 

7) Favorite Inov8 minimalist shoesMaria Dalzot gear:
Roclite™ 286 GTX
X-TALON™ 190
8) List one thing others may not know about you: I have a crush on Michael Palin.

9) Favorite energy drink/food: Peanut butter and banana sandwich with yogurt, coffee, GU

Maria Dalzot favorite race/event and why? I am most comfortable running cross country races, but after gaining more experience competing in technical, high caliber trail and mountain races, I feel that those will quickly take precedence. Mt. Chupinaya will always hold a special place in my heart.

11) Advice to other athletes: Don’t be afraid to stray from “The Plan.” Often times, when training at such a high caliber, injuries and life can cause a kink in your schedule. Runners are generally not the most flexible people, literally and figuratively. But in order to get back on track, you have to be able to modify and adjust accordingly. 

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Maria Dalzot

Cross Country Elite Runner Profile

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