Mr Olympia 2012 Results

Mr Olympia 2012 Results

Mr Olympia 2012 Results

1st Phil Heath
Video – Phil Heath

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Phil “the Gift” was a repeat winner in 2012.

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2nd Kai Green

Kai “The Predator” was hot on the heels of Phil Heath in this years Mr. Olympia.

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3rd Shawn Rhoden
Video – Shawn Rhoden

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4th Dexter Jackson
Video – Dexter Jackson

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5th Branch Warren
Video – Branch Warren

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6th Dennis Wolf

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7th Tony Freeman
Video – Tony Freeman

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8th Evan Centopani

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9th Johnnie Jackson
Video – Johnnie Jackson

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10th Lionel Beyeke
Video – Lionel Beyeke

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Ronny Rockel

212 Olympia Results

1st James Flex Lewis

2nd David Henry

3rd Eduardo Correa

4th Jose Raymond

5th Al Auguste

6th Tricky Jackson

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Mr Olympia 2012 Results

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