Muscle Clamps Review

Muscle Clamps Review

These are a staple of the functional fitness community due to their extreme ease of use. While more expensive than old school spring collars, they can be slipped on and off a bar in a split second. These are definitely a favorite of any athlete who has used them.

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Muscle Clamps
Muscle Clamps Review

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Muscle Clamps Review
5 star
Muscle Clamps Review by Bill
Quality 5
These are great collars for general use. They last years. We have multiple pairs that are 5+ years old and they still hold great. 425 deadlifts, squats, heavy cleans… These are great.
Posted on July 23, 2012 | Review for: Muscle Clamps

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Muscle Clamps Review

Very happy with these
Muscle Clamps Review by OBoile
Quality 5
First let me say that I don’t do any olympic lifting. I bought these because I have a couple of specialty bars (safety squat and trap bar) that are slightly too wide for the spring collars. Unlike the HG collars, they go on quickly and easily. For regular lifts, these work great.
Posted on April 22, 2012 | Review for: Muscle Clamps

alright for power-lifts but not oly-lifting
Muscle Clamps Review by Tony?
Quality 3
These are nice for people with arthritis or weak grip over the spring collars. They do pop loose when doing oly-lifting. I would recommend the rogue hg collar over this.

Muscle Clamps Review

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