Nick Fory CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Nick Fory

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Name: Nick Fory
Region: Central East
Affiliate: Mad City CrossFit
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175 lb

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Nick Fory CrossFit Benchmark workouts
Fran 2:18
Helen 0:00
Grace 1:39
Filthy 50 0:00
Fight Gone Bad 436
Sprint 400m 1:02
Run 5k 18:34

Video – Nick Fory CrossFit

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Nick Fory Weightlifting Stats
Clean & Jerk 275 lb
Snatch 225 lb
Deadlift 480 lb
Back Squat 395 lb
Max Pull-ups 70

Video – Nick Fory CrossFit

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Inov8’s at Rogue Fitness
Nick Fory

Nick is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer with a degree in athletic training.  It was during college that Nick was first introduced to CrossFit.  After years of traditional lifting and chronic cardio he often found himself overtrained but still hitting frustrating plateaus.  On January 1st, 2010 Nick knew something needed to change.  He chose to focus his training solely on CrossFit methods. 

Video – Nick Fory CrossFit

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Nick Fory

In April 2010, in the best shape of his life, Nick competed in the CrossFit Sectional Competition placing high enough to go on to the Regional competition.  In 2011 Nick competed in the Reebok Open Sectional and scored well enough to place 4th in the Central East Region and 27th worldwide.  He advanced to the Reebok Central East Regional competition where he placed 5th.  

After these strong performances Nick was contacted and sponsored by Reebok.
CrossFit had not only become his workout, but his lifestyle.  As his passion for this highly effective workout style has grown so has his desire to share it with others.  He is eager and enthusiastic to help others reach their potential at Mad City CrossFit.

Competition results
1st place: Nick Fory
2nd place: David Ulmer
3rd place: David Stowe 

Nick Fory

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