Progenex Recovery vs More Muscle Protein

Progenex Recovery vs More Muscle Protein

Train Hard. Do It Again.

For the serious athlete, the ability to bounce back faster and stronger from training, practice or competition separates the winners from every one else. No matter what level you are currently competing at, we know that your goal is to become even better. PROGENEX Recovery enables you to exponentially improve your performance and create all-new “personal bests.”

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What is PROGENEX Recovery and How Is It Different?

The active ingredient in PROGENEX Recovery is Promorphogen,™ a whey protein isolate that has been hydrolyzed through a patented enzymatic process. When proteins are hydrolyzed, or “cut” into smaller pieces, the result are unique, tiny peptide sequences that, when consumed, can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. It is this unique protein sequence that enables PROGENEX Recovery do what no other product can: reset the cause of muscle fatigue at the cellular level.

How much better do athletes perform with PROGENEX Recovery? A university clinical trial demonstrated that athletes who consumed whey protein hydrolysate post workout not only recovered faster, they recovered stronger, than athletes who consumed water or a generic whey protein isolate.

Rob Orlando uses Progenex Recovery

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What Can I Expect From PROGENEX Recovery?

• Reach New Goals Faster. When it comes to sports performance or attaining your best composition ever, progress is the name of the game. By taking PROGENEX Recovery immediately after training, you’ll be able to do it all again—sooner, which means that you’re on the path to improvement.

• Optimize Performance. If your training program or sport requires you to build more muscle, lose fat, or take on multiple workout sessions each week, the ability to come back faster and go stronger means you’ll perform better.

• Optimize Body Composition. The ability to get back in the gym sooner and go stronger also means that you’ll be able to put in more quality time building muscle and burning fat. And more muscle and less fat is what body composition is all about.

• Get Back in the Game. No one starts off in life as a super athlete, and even the most prolific athletes experience setbacks. PROGENEX Recovery is the only product with the unique ability to get you back in the game, or into the game for the first time, with the best chance of success.

The Science of Muscle Fatigue or “Everything you ever wanted to know about why you feel crushed when you workout”

There’s more to fatigue than simply getting tired. If you train hard enough, you will actually push your muscles to a point of complete fatigue. In other words, you can’t complete another rep. Here’s why:

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A muscle contraction does not begin in your muscle fibers—it begins with an electrical impulse in your brain. This electrical impulse is converted to a chemical impulse, which “floats” across a channel where it makes contact with the muscle membrane and is transformed back into an electrical signal.

The electrical signal sweeps across the surface of the cell membrane, and enters the muscle. To get into the muscle cell, the electrical signal must dive into the pores that are on the surface of the cell and travel down tiny channels that stick up through the top surface of the muscle cell and take that energy down into the muscle cell, where the signal reaches a dead end.

At this dead end is a mechanism that acts as a voltage sensor and another that acts as a transducer. Located near each other, the electrical impulse now causes a reaction that causes the voltage sensor and transducer to work together to open another channel. Once opened, calcium flows up and out of the muscle cell.

Calcium is what is responsible for making your muscles contract. In other words, without calcium, you could not make any forcible contraction. After a hard training session, however, the whole process gets messed up, and less calcium gets released with each contraction, causing each contraction to get weaker.

There are two ways to “reset” this fouled mechanism. The first is to wait for Mother Nature to repair the situation. That could take up to 72 hours. The second is to consume a serving of PROGENEX Recovery immediately after training. The active ingredient in PROGENEX Recovery is a powerful, all-natural ingredient that has been shown to accelerate muscle recovery and repair—often in as little as six hours.

Better still, not only will you recover sooner, you’ll recover stronger. Which means that not only will you get back to your training regimen sooner, you’ll get to it more often, for faster strength and performance gains.

Train hard. Then do it again. Only with PROGENEX Recovery.

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Progenex More Muscle


Build lean muscle and achieve your best body composition ever! More Muscle delivers more growth factors, more branch chain amino acids and more targeted signaling for more muscle and strength gains.

PROGENEX More Muscle significantly enlarges the diameter of your muscles, so that you see dramatic increases in both muscle size and strength. Taken immediately after training, PROGENEX More Muscle greatly enhances protein synthesis in key Type II muscle fibers, where hypertrophic response, or “enlargement” takes place, and has been shown to produce DOUBLE the strength gains relative to conventional whey protein isolates.

What you can expect from More Muscle:

• LIFT MORE. Targets Type II muscle fibers for SIGNIFICANT SIZE & STRENGTH GAINS

• BUILD MORE. Feed muscle, not fat, and achieve YOUR BEST BODY COMPOSITION EVER

• BURN MORE. Boost your metabolic rate, so you BURN MORE ENERGY, even after training

All in a convenient, gym-bag friendly, foil pouch.

Progenex Recovery vs More Muscle Protein

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