Rob Forte CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Rob Forte

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Name: Rob Forte
Region: Australia
Team: CrossFit Frankston
Affiliate: CrossFit Frankston
Height: 174 cm
Weight:83 kg

Video – Rob Forte CrossFit Diane workout

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CrossFit Benchmark Workouts
Fran 2:30
Helen 7:21
Grace 1:45
Filthy 50 16:41
Fight Gone Bad 453
Sprint 400m 0:59
Run 5k 18:50

Video – Rob Forte CrossFit interview

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Rob Forte Weightlifting Stats
Clean & Jerk 130 kg
Snatch 100 kg
Deadlift 210 kg
Back Squat 160 kg
Max Pull-ups 50

Video – Rob Forte CrossFit Open workout 12.2

Burgener & Rippetoe Bar by York Barbell
B&R Bar by York Barbell
Rob Forte

Rob Forte CrossFit Bio and Athletic Background: 
Owner CrossFit Frankston
Rob has always been active and motivated to do his best in any given sport.
Rob raced motocross at a high level as a junior and through his teens. He learnt from a young age that in order to do well he needed to set goals and train hard to achieve those goals.

Rob played a couple of years of footy and also took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His main form of training was traditional body building training, running and some body weight exercises.
Rob started Crossfit and after 2 weeks of training he was hooked. He lives and breathes Crossfit and is very passionate about coaching people so they can achieve their goals and more.

Video – Rob Forte CrossFit – Again Faster athlete

Rogue Training Bumpers By Hi-temp
Rogue Training Bumpers By Hi-temp
Rob Forte

Rob Forte Qualifications:
Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Senior First Aid Level II
AWF Level 1 Club Weightlifting Coach
AWF Level 2 State Weightlifting Coach
EKI Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor
EKI Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Coach

Video – Rob Forte CrossFit rope climb

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Inov8’s at Rogue Fitness
Rob Forte

Rob Forte Achievements:
2012 CrossFit Games Open, 1st Place
2012 Hard’nup Challenge, 4th Place
2011 Schwartz’s Challenge, 2nd Place
2011 World CrossFit Games, 30th Place
2011 CrossFit Games Australasian Regional, 3rd Place
2011 CrossFit Games Open, 5th Place
2010 CrossFit Vic Throwdown, 2nd Place
2010 CrossFit Games Australasian Regional, 18th Place
2010 CrossFit Games QLD Sectionals, 4th Place

CrossFit Regionals Australia 2011
5th place (three-way tie) with Rob Forte, Aaron James (CrossFit Mana), Matt Swift (from CrossFit Brisbane).

Video – Rob Forte weightlifting

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Rob Forte

CrossFit Games 2011
30th place overall

CrossFit Open 2012 Results
1 (49) Rob Forte 16 (134) 6 (85) 7 (437) 15 (264) 5 (137)

Rob Forte

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

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