Steve Caballero Pro Skateboard Stats Bio

Steve Caballero Pro Skateboarder Stats Bio

Name: Steve Caballero
Nicknames: Stevie, Cab, and others
Gender: Male
Height: 5’3″
Hometown: San Jose, California
Current Residence: Campbell, California
Date of Birth: November 8th, 1964
Family: married to Rachael
Occupation: Pro Skateboarder / Artist
Started Skating: 1978
First Sponsored: 1979 by Cambell Skatepark and Powell Peralta
Favored Discipline: Street
#1 Sponsor: Powell Peralta

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Stance: Goofy
Steve Caballero Skateboarding:
Steve Caballero was sponsored just one year after he started skateboarding. He’s friendly, happy, and extremely talented. Steve invented several tricks, the most famous being the “Caballaerial”. He says he still enjoys skateboarding as much as when he first started, and is always positive.
Back in his prime, Steve Caballero would pull off massive backside airs (up to 11 feet high), and is one of the legendary skaters featured in the famous Bones Brigade skateboarding videos.

Now, Steve Caballero still skates in competitions at the Skate Legend level.

Steve Caballero’s Life:

Steve was born with scoliosis (a birth problem where his spine is curved badly. For Steve Caballero, this made his head tilt to one side). Despite this, Steve Caballero never relented in his interests or in his encouraging outlook on life.
Steve Caballero is also very happy to share his faith in Jesus Christ, and loves to incorporate the gospel into anything he does. Steve Caballero’s Myspace page is full of his thoughts on God, life, and everything in between.

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According to Steve Caballero’s blog, he loves the Bible, Jesus, toy collecting (super heroes, Ultraman and Star Wars), art, music, and motocross.

Steve Caballero Pro Skateboarder Career Highlights:
1978 – Won second place at San Jose Winchester Open
1981 – Invented the Caballerial 1982 – Stars in the Bones Brigade video
1980 – First skateboarder in history to get a signature pro deck
1981 to 1984 – named “Skater of the Year”
Throughout the 1980’s – Won first at several skateboarding competitions all over the world
1986 – Starred in second Bones Brigade video and The Search for Animal Chin
1989 – First skater in history to get a signature pro skate shoe[/br] 1996 – Skated at the closing ceremonies at the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia
1999 – Named “Skater of the Century” by Thrasher Magazine

Steve Caballero Music History and Art:
Steve Caballero has been involved in music for a long time, and has been in several bands:
Odd Man Out
The Faction
Steve Caballero has also released a CD called Bandology (Sessions Records) that features all of the bands he has been in.
Steve is also very active in art, producing a lot more than just new skateboard deck designs. See the Steve Caballero Myspace Artist Page and see what he’s been up to. You can also see announcements to art shows where Steve’s art will be shown, and you can find out how to buy Caballero art.

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Steve Caballero Quotes:
“Just skate for fun, don’t pick up a skateboard because you want to be a pro one day. Don’t forget why you started skating in the first place.”

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Steve Caballero Pro Skateboard Stats Bio


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