Yurii Hanson CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Yurii Hanson

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Name: Yurii Hanson
Region:North West
Team: CrossFit Billings
Affiliate: CrossFit Billings
Age: 35
Weight:192 lb

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CrossFit Benchmark Workout Stats
Fran 2:38
Helen 8:20
Grace 0:00
Filthy 50 0:00
Fight Gone Bad 408
Sprint 400m 0:00
Run 5k 0:00

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Weightlifting Stats
Clean & Jerk 301 lb
Snatch 246 lb
Deadlift 405 lb
Back Squat 405 lb
Max Pull-ups 0

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Yurii Hanson is a firefighter for the City of Billings and I own a box. I train hard 5 days a week. I eat clean and and am a strong believer in Isagenix. I am a father of 2 and have a third child on the way. I am praying my wife doesn’t go into labor in the stands @ regionals.

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Yurii Hanson

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Yurii Hanson

CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile