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INSANITY DVD Workout Review
by Jamie R.
Best high power workout on the market. The workout is aptly named – it is insane(ly great!). It turns the typical intense workout on its head with the premise being longer intense spurts followed by shorter rests (3 min of working as hard as you can, 30 seconds rest) – the opposite of the norm. You can get a shorter workout in with better results with Insanity.

The Insanity Workout will push you to your limits, and that is the secret to it’s success. It works. This program is the best workout on the market for an active person who wants to power up your routine to get in great shape and lose weight. However, if you are a beginner, not active or have any physical limitations, this is not a first time workout.

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More Insanity Workout Review from Jamie
insanity guy This is a cardio heavy workout with minimal resistance training (push-ups, squats, lunges are pretty much it for resistance). It’s a two month program, with alternating intense workouts through the first month, then, after a recovery week, a second set of cardio heavy workouts. Insanity moves fast, you don’t have any time between segments, which is the idea behind the program, so you need to be prepared to move. The specific exercises aren’t hard to do, they are a variety of jumping jacks, jogging in place, squats, lunges, push-ups, jumps (plyometrics), and kickboxing/martial arts moves , so it is easy to follow and do movement wise. They are all done at a super fast pace with a lot of repetitions – this is where the insanity comes in – and this can make the segments hard to complete. You get an all over workout for all your muscle groups, so when you complete each day, you have done an effective all over training.

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INSANITY DVD Workout Review by Sarah L.
insanity workout mom This is a nuts set of workout DVD’s. I am overweight and just shy of 40, but I have dreams of getting back into my pre-marriage body. I decided to seize the day and go for it, and I am not sorry. My muscles are currently screaming, every bit of me hurts. Every day, I both love and dread pushing play on this dvd, because I know what will happen when I do. I will spend 45 minutes gasping, lurching around, heart pounding, sweat running off me like a monsoon, desparately trying to keep up with a workout designed by fitness demigods. Afterwards, when I can catch my breath and pull myself up of the ground, I feel so good it is not even funny. Yesterday when I finished my Insanity workout and was talking to my wife, I said “You know what I feel like? I feel like I’m on vacation!”. You know, that feeling you get on day 1 of vacation when you have the whole thing stretching before you, when there is a cool drink in your hands and not a care in the world? That’s how I feel when my blood is pumping, when my body is sore and I am so proud of myself.

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What are some of the questions that athletes in our gym have been asking as they would like to find out all about insanity workout.

Question: What is the Insanity workout premise? It is based on high intensity workouts.

Insanity Workout Reviews