Tim Ferris Loves Athletic Greens Results

“Tim Ferriss Calls Athletic Greens The Ultimate ‘HACK’ To Increased Energy Levels, Rapid Fat Loss and A Bulletproof Immune System”

Tim Ferriss says this greens mix is like "multi-vitamins on steroids". Just a single scoop can have tremendous health benefits, including:

  • Rapid fat loss. Shed exess fat and water weight from stored toxins in your body
  • Increased Energy. Repair damanged mitochondria for more energy throughout your day
  • Mental clarity. Clear your mind so you can think and focus more easily
  • Improved digestion. Clear up IBS, gas, bloating and other digestive issues
  • Stronger immune system. Makes you less susceptible to the flu, cold and other nasty bugs

You’ll be surprised when you see what it contains (and how extremely simple it is to take).

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Karen Greenwall
I saw this on the news. Apparently just 1 scoop helps you burn an additional 800 calories a day. Where do I sign up? lol
at 12:01 am

Tim West
My friend takes these and swears by them. I'm going to stock up since they're having a 50% off christmas sale right now.
at 10:18 pm

Charles Wong
I've been taking Athletic Greens for the last 3 weeks. I feel a noticable improvement in my mood. Like I'm clearheaded and happy for no reason @Naiomi, yes this is 100% paleo friendly and gluten free :)
at 4:21 pm

Naiomi Marie
anyone know if this is paleo friendly? i have a sensitive stomach
at 3:33 am

Kris Brookes
Althletic Greens is the BOMB! I've been taking them for the last 3 months and never put on muscle and burn fat so fast. Kettlebells + this = win!
at 9:02 am

Lexi Benz
@Tobias... My boyfriend is a doctor at Colombia medical and he says multivitamins are almost worthless. Why do you think your urine turns flourescent after you take them?? Your body barely absorbs them!
at 2:34 am

Tobias Rafton
No thanks I'll stick to my wheatgrass and mulitvitamins
at 11:01 am

Lilly Hummings
I almost ordered these on Amazon because of all the good reviews on there until found this coupon for 50% off Athletic Greens. Enjoy!
at 3:45 pm
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