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tim ferris photo athletic greensTim Ferriss calls this his “all in one greens insurance policy” because just 1 teaspoon noticeably boosts performance and overall health. Click below to discover why thousands of athletes, entrepreneurs and fitness models swear by Athletic Greens.

SUPERFOODS – Athletic Greens Review

fruits and vegetables superfoodsThe raw superfoods section of Athletic Greens contains a lot of organic superfoods. It is an excellent profile and very-well-rounded. You have a good mix of the three types of superfoods… fruits & vegetables, grasses and algae. Spirulina, broccoli, wheatgrass, alfalfa, carrot, spinach, etc… I’m very impressed with the variety; a total of around twenty-seven superfoods just in this section.

Athletic Greens has some superfood ingredients that are not found in a lot of other products which makes it unique in this way. For instance, papaya, bilberry and beet are ingredients you don’t find on every green drink label. I really like the broad ingredient list.

athletic greens

In terms of potency, Athletic Greens has good potencies of the superfoods. With a total of 8.5 grams of raw superfoods, this is enough to have a positive impact on the body. Overall, the superfoods part of Athletic Greens is impressive.


In addition to the superfood section, Athletic Greens contains a robust antioxidant and herbal panel. There’s a quality list of very good ingredients in this section for immune building, cleansing and energy. All told, there’s almost 3.5 grams of excellent, health-building nutrients.

Athletic Greens also includes 233 mg of digestive enzymes and a good, solid probiotics formula.

I always look for enzymes and probiotics in a superfood drink as they help the body absorb the nutrients and aid in caloric utilization.

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Let’s talk about taste and texture of Athletic Greens. Simply put, AG tastes amazing for what it is. As any green drink user knows, if the product uses quality superfoods such as green leafy vegetables, grasses and algae, it’s going to taste earthy, grassy and sometimes swampy. Athletic Greens does a good job of masking the pungent taste with a hint of chocolate. We put Athletic Greens as one of the best-tasting green drinks on the market. The texture is smooth and it mixes easily with whatever liquid you choose to blend it with.



We’ve been able to find an introductory offer for Athletic Greens for 50% off for only $48.50. This is by far the lowest price for Athletic Greens.


Up until recently, we’ve had a bit of a disconnect with Athletic Greens based on it’s high price. Let’s breakdown the math: the cost of Athletic Greens is $97.00. [As of recently, the initial cost of Athletic Greens is $48.50 if above and below links are used.] Each serving is 12 grams. There are 30 servings per container. The cost per serving at the normal $97 price is around $3.23! The cost per serving at the introductory price is only $1.62 which is a tremendous value.

Athletic Greens at 12 grams of nutrition is a decent mid-range product. (Mid-range meaning it is not as high in total nutritional potency as complete meal-replacement drinks like the Total Living Drink Greens and Shakelogy. And at $97 per 30-day supply it seems to us that there is better value out there. However, at $48.50 per 30-day serving, Athletic Greens is an excellent value!

Here’s another example: Living Green Supreme Food is one of the highest-quality drinks in the marketplace and similar to Athletic Greens. Each serving of Living Green is 8 grams per serving. The superfood sections are similar. Living Green Supreme Food is $1.25 per serving and Athletic Greens is $1.61 per serving at the special $48.50 price. But you do get an additional 4 grams of nutrition per serving with Athletic Greens.

We’ve been a little hard on Athletic Greens in the past because at $97 per 30-day supply, we’ve felt it was over-priced when compared to other, similar products. However, at $48.50 for a 30-day supply, we were forced to update our review and update the value score as well.

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