Tommy Kono Bands Review

Tommy Kono Bands Review

Save Your Knees with the Tommy Kono Knee Bands
When Tommy Kono developed the TK Knee Bandsin the mid- 1960s, he called them “T.K. Knee Bands” and many of the great lifters of that era began using them while they trained.

Today, Tommy Kono’s original design is available once again! These knee bands will help keep the joint stable during your workout. T.K. Bands also keep your knee joints warmed up; you’ll find your knees sweating and they will still feel well-lubricated after you take these bands off.

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Tommy Kono Bands Sizing Guide:
Body Weight Band Size
Up to 130 lbs. S
130 – 250 lbs. M
Over 250 lbs. L

Tommy Kono Bands Review
I use these for weight lifting workouts and wear them any time I play sports or do any type of cardiovascular exercise. I have bad knees due to genetics… my father has had 20 knee surgeries combined between knees and one of them has been replaced.

These knee bands really keep my knees feeling great. I’ve had my pair for a few years now and they are still going great. They are a little rough getting them on because they pull your leg hair when you are putting them on, but it’s not too bad. I love these and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. You can’t put a price on knees that feel better. Hope the review is helpful, Josh

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Tommy Kono Bands Review by D. Klopp
I’ve had these for almost one year. I initially got them to help keep my knees warm during my winter workouts as I lift in an unheated garage. They did do this but also my knees feel more stable during back squats when I am wearing them. As a result I wear them year round. After 12 months of use, approx 3 times/week they have held up well. Whenever I do wear them out I will not hesitate to buy another pair.

Weightlifting Olympic Style by Tommy Kono

Tommy Kono Bands Review

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