Top 10 CrossFit Supplements 2012

Top 10 crossfit supplementsA recent survey of local CrossFit gyms (CrossFit box) found the Top 10 CrossFit supplements used in 2012. Post up your favorite supplements for CrossFit in the comments below. presents the first annual list of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements 2012 for CrossFit gyms and athletes.  Want to increase your recovery time or build muscle?  Check out this list of the most popular (and top sellers).

# 10 of Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

Cellucor C4 Extreme

Cellucor C4 Extreme is powdered energy created by harnessing a patented NO3 technology and effective ingredients including creatine nitrate, Beta Alanine, and Arginine AKG.  C4 Extreme is an advanced pre-workout supplement, possessing the power to ignite your mind, muscles, and workout regiment, workout after workout after workout C4 Extreme is a Crossfit favorite.

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Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

# 9 of Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

Blonyx CrossFit Supplements

HMB (or β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyrate) is needed by the body to protect and repair muscle tissue. We can make a small amount of HMB from the amino acid Leucine found in the protein we eat, but it needs to be topped up by eating HMB rich foods such as grapefruit, alfalfa and catfish.

Video – Nate Schrader CrossFit uses Blonyx

Nate Schrader uses Blonyx – Check out more info on Blonyx CrossFit Supplements

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# 8 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

Advocare Supplements

CrossFit Coach Mike Burgener uses Advocare Muscle Fuel – Click here for more info on Advocare Supplements

Advocare supplements are regarded as some of the cleanest supplements and contained no banned substances and are ok for use in the CrossFit Games.

# 7 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

Universal Animal Pak Sports

Video – Universal Animal Pak Sports Review

Since August 8, 1983, Animal Pak has been helping competitive bodybuilders get the most out of their freakish training routines by providing all the nutrition they need, plus some they didn’t know they needed. For 25 straight years, people like you have made Animal Pak the #1 selling training “pack” in the world.

Check out more info on Universal Animal Pak Sports Nutrition SupplementsTop 10 CrossFit Supplements

#6 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

AllMax Isoflex Protein

ALLMAX ISOFLEX Whey Protein Isolate is extracted through Micro filtration; this is a filtration process that removes the larger, less absorbable protein molecules while filtering out fat, lactose and ash. The membranes used for this process are extremely fine and have the ability to remove even more lactose, ash and fat than the process of ultra-filtration which is used for lower quality whey protein products.

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Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

# 5 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

Stronger Faster Healthier protein

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# 4 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

BG Labs Centurion Creatine

Video – Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

BG Labs Centurion was created by Philip Butler, an Atlanta Area Sports Performance coach who learned to make supplements himself. “I got tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money,” he stated before pointing out that he felt “[he[ could do it better for less." BG labs introduces Centurion as the next level of Creatine Supplementation. The fortified complex totes a creatine ethyl ester (CEE) base with the addition of beta alanine.CrossFit elite athlete Mike McKenna uses BG Labs Centurion

# 3 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

Kill Cliff recovery drink

CrossFit athletes use Post Workout Kill Cliff anti-inflammatory drink

Kill Cliff was created by a former US Navy SEAL and CrossFit athlete. The goal was to create a low calorie, recovery aid, that could be consumed on a daily basis while delivering key nutraceutical ingredients to help improve athletic performance and speed recovery.

Read more Kill Cliff Reviews

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# 2 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

PurePharma Fish Oil

CrossFit Elite Athletes use PurePharma Fish Oil

Annie Thorisdottir review of PurePharma Fish Oil

I have been taking fish oil since early age, always in the liquid form and it was the part of the morning I hated the most… What I like about PurePharma is that those are tablets that you take and don’t feel for the rest of the day anything coming up + they actually have some kind of good taste on the outside hahah… =) I take PurePharma fish oil because I recover faster, feel better and it helps me perform at my very best! - Annie Thorisdottir. CrossFit World Champion 2011 and 2012

# 1 of the Top 10 CrossFit Supplements

Progenex protein supplements

8 out of 10 CrossFit Games top competitors use PROGENEX Recovery

Many of the top CrossFit elite athletes like Annie Thorisdottir, Rich Froning, Chris Spealler, Ben Smith, Dan Bailey, Miranda Oldroyd, Nate Schrader, Mikko Salo, Camille Le Blanc-Brazinet, Kendrick Farris, Dan Bailey, Graham Holmberg, and Rob Orlando all use Progenex protein supplements. If your serious about improving your results like these athletes then use Progenex Discount Code SGPT on your next order.

Honorable Mention Top 10 CrossFit Supplements - Runners Up

More of the best supplements to take for crossfit

#11 of Top 10 CrossFit Supplements 2012

Titanium Muscle Gain

Check out more info onTitanium Muscle Gain TM - Professional Muscle BuildingTop 10 CrossFit Supplements

Questions from our readers online.

Question: Do you know if CrossFit had recommended supplements? We don't believe that CrossFit has recommended any supplements but allows supplement companies at their events.

Question: Do you have a purepharma code 2014? Yes; check out the links above.

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Top 10 CrossFit Supplements


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