Top 5 Fat Melting Workouts 2014

lean muscle shaun tWe get asked all of the time from athletes in our gym wanting to know what the best workouts are to get rid of excess fat – especially around the belly.

Check out these workouts, videos and reviews and you let us know whats up.

#5 Workout – Kettle Bells

kettlebell girlJust 30 minutes with a kettle bell workout can burn up to 500 calories and get your whole body fit.

You only need a few kettle bells and a workout like Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel to get up and going.

Kettlebell workouts are for both men and women wanting to get fit and tone up quick. You can do these workouts at home or at a local gym.

#4 Workout – CrossFit
crossfit chick sandbag You either love it or hate it but CrossFit is here to stay as it now on ESPN and gyms (aka boxes) opening worldwide.

Yes; it can cost a lot ($150 plus) but you can’t argue with the results are your seeing amazing looking bodies being built.

But the good news is that with more gyms in the area – the price for membership is coming down. You can burn up to 1000 calories in a CrossFit workout and start seeing results in a few weeks.

#3 Workout – Focus T25
focus T25 before after This workout is Shaun T’s latest hot workout where he reduces the time to only 25 minutes. Focus T25 burns calories like mad and we have seen some amazing before and after photos.

Focus T25 Review by Jessica: Although this workout is hard core it helped that there’s a person doing the modified version. When I got tired it’s easy to switch and still get the results I wanted. 4 weeks and down 25 lbs this fat girl starting out at 260 can do it so can you!

#2 Workout – P90X
p90x before after The P90X Workouts has been one of the top workouts ever sold with millions of copies around the world.
P90X review by B.T: It will radically transform you if you “bring it” as they repeat frequently. It’s a 90 day program, about an hour a day (an hour and a half for the yoga), six days a week and I lost 25 lbs of fat and built muscle.

#1 Workout – Insanity Workout by Shaun T.
insanity chick This workout is the absolute KING of fat burning workouts. It is hard to argue with the results and success that the Insanity workout has had on millions of athletes worldwide.

Want to burn fat but also build lean muscle? – check out the video below.

Video with the Shaun T Insanity Workout on Dr OZ

After a hard workout you need to rest and help recover your muscles. Top athletes use many techniques – check out these tips:

athlete drink Top athletes help repair their bodies with Pure Omega Krill Oil and getting lots of sleep. Krill oil is high in Omega 3 essential oils and are great for your muscles to repair.

Drink a liter of filtered water right after a workout and keep more by your bed stand for later.

athlete sleep Too often athletes workout too much and don’t get enough rest.  Sleep is very important to make sure you can repair your body.  If you really need to boost your metabolism we suggest you add in a fat burner like Triminex Garcinia and still do you 30 minute cardio workouts each day.

old man muscle Many men that are past the age of 40 see a decline of 1% yearly in testosterone and are using a testosterone booster to help them slow down this decline.

Using a booster has been shown to increase your muscle growth by 20%  and improve your sex drive tremendously. What guy doesn’t want  that?

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