TRX Sprint Workouts

TRX Sprint Workouts

Check out these great workout to help build strength and speed for sprinting.

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Going for 45 Seconds on and 15 seconds rest
1) Roll out, warm up and stretch (15-20 minutes)
2) TRX Squat from the bottom up
3) TRX Sprinter Start Left
4) TRX Sprinter Start Right
5) TRX Hamstring Curl
6) TRX Lunge with locomotion Right leg
7) TRX Lunge with locomotion Left leg
8) TRX Low Roll with neutral grip
9) TRX Hip Press

Do 7-10 sets of a sprint with heart rate dropping in to recovery before going in to the next sprint,

Video – TRX Sprint Workouts

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10) TRX side step lunges Left
11) TRX Side Step Lunges Right
12) TRX Y Deltoid Fly
13) TRX hip press
14) TRX Crossing Balancing Lunge Right
15) TRX Crossing Balancing Lunge left
16) TRX hamstring Runner 30 Second
17) rest for 45 seconds
18) TRX Explosive squats 30 seconds

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Cool Down with 400 meter jog and hurdlers stretch.

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TRX Sprint Workouts


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